Through our HIV Care and Treatment program, we provide high quality, cost effective services that promote access to and ongoing success in HIV treatment for people with HIV/AIDS. With successful case management, access to important supportive services and assistance through MJAP’s care program, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) are empowered to effectively manage HIV and improve their overall health and quality of life.
To contribute to the national response, MJAP supports provision of basic HIV care in several health units/clinics namely:  Mulago ISS clinic, Mulago MTCT Plus clinic,  Mulago TB/HIV clinic,  Kiruddu Communicable Diseases (CDC) clinic,  Butabika Hospital,
The interventions supported by the program include provision of Septrin/dapsone prophylaxis, long lasting Insectside Treated Mosquito Nets(ITNs,) safe water vessels, condoms, screening, diagnosis and treatment for other opportunistic infections (OIs) including TB, cervical cancer screening and family planning services for women, and child survival interventions for children.
The Prevention with Positives (PWP) activities are integrated into the general HIV care services. As part of laboratory monitoring, CD4 assessment for all clients in care is routinely done every six (6) months. MJAP integrates TB and HIV services at different levels of HIV service delivery; i) integration of TB screening and PITC on the wards/clinics, where patients are offered both HIV testing and screening for TB,
ii) PITC in the TB wards and clinics,
iii) enhanced TB screening in the HIV clinics, and
iv) Provision of both TB and HIV care and treatment for patients who are co-infected with TB and HIV.
TB/HIV services are implemented in collaboration with the National TB and Leprosy Control Program (NTLP). Patients that require other TB diagnostic tests including chest X-rays, lymph node biopsies and abdominal ultrasound scan are supported by MJAP to have the tests performed.