MJAP supports the provision of quality laboratory services in the partner institutions through mentoring and coaching of laboratory staff in good laboratory practices, conducting internal and external quality assurance and quality control and support supervision of laboratory staff. We aim at strengthening our internal quality control system; to date, there are weekly inter laboratory controls with partner labs such as Baylor Uganda, Butabika hospital and kiruddu Hospital.

In 2014, MJAP provided smoke detectors, fire alarm systems and extinguisher to Mulago and Butabika. Laboratory staff in Mulago were trained in biosafety and biosecurity. MJAP continued to support the hub coordination in Mbarara and participated in the equipment harmonization workshop held in Jinja where it was resolved that all programs/projects purchase only equipment from the harmonized equipment list hence cutting costs of purchasing reagents and servicing of equipment since there will be central bargaining from MoH (CPHL). The East African Public Health Networking Project organized an assessment for Mulago and Butabika Labs which MJAP had been supporting to get accredited using the SLMTA system. Mulago scored STAR II while Butabika Scored STAR I.